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CALLAKAII pendant - Sedna - gold
CALLAKAII pendant - Sedna - gold

CALLAKAII pendant - Sedna - gold

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Mother of the sea - Inuit

Sedna controls all the animals of the sea. The story of Sedna starts with her falling out with her father after he tries to choose several inappropriate lovers for her . In his anger at her refusal of all of his choices he throws her in the sea....she sinks to the bottom, In her time of trauma she transforms into a beautiful goddess, her legs become a whale’s tail and her fingers become seals, walruses and whales. She resides in the bottom of the sea protecting the ocean and all who live in it.

This piece is hand-made in Bali with recycled silver then double gold plated with 24 carat gold (2 microns).

20,000 rupiah from the sale of every piece of Jewellery is donated to an Indonesian non-profit organisations OUR OCEAN SCHOOL based in the Mentawis, that through targeted English language education, empowers local communities to access equal opportunities in an evolving tourism environment