Giving back

We support local Indonesian charities with 20,000 rupiah from the sale of every piece of swimwear and every piece of thrift sold. 

From our swimwear sales we currently donate to Thresher Shark Indonesia, a conservation project  helping to save thresher sharks!

As of January 2023 we have raised 25,720,000 rupiah in our Bali store for these two charities.

Thresher shark Indonesia , Instagram , website are doing amazing work in educating locals and schools, implementing conservation policies with Governments, training local shark fisherman to become research assistants and future thresher shark ambassadors. Check them out they are doing amazing things. 

Our swimwear is made from two amazing different fabrics. One is made from regenerated Nylon from salvaged fishing nets and  pre and post consumer waste, and the other is made from recycled plastic bottles, for more information about out fabrics click here. We donate 20,000 rupiah from each sale  in an effort to stop shark finning and protect these amazing creatures.

                                         Photo by Aaron Gekoski.

By buying our curated Thrift collection,  not only are you up-cycling existing fashion which lessens damage to the environment and clothes ending up in landfill, nut for every purchase that is made from our thrift collection, 20,000 rupiah is donated to charity. 

Our current charity is "the global village foundation" Instagram  ,

What does the Global Village Foundation Bali do?

For many the mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of paradise, The ‘Island of the Gods’, a tropical heaven on Earth. Indeed Bali is all of these things, a beautiful Tourist destination, stunning White sandy beaches, a rich culture, and many glitzy resort areas.

However, away from the main Tourist destinations, hidden amongst the Rice fields, the mountains, the forests, and the back streets of Bali’s towns and cities there is another Bali, rarely seen by tourist visitors to Bali. A Bali where many people live in extreme poverty, and often with severe disabilities. They don’t have access to the basic necessities of life that most of us take for granted, like Healthcare, Housing, Clean water, Sanitation, or Education.

It is these people, these beautiful Balinese people living is such dire poverty that the Global Village Foundation Bali seeks to help.

Founded in 2013 The Global Village Foundation was established with the sole mission of helping these impoverished families, these disabled children, & disabled adults of Bali (especially North Bali) & also in East Java to a better quality of life & a brighter future.

It is in these areas that GVF seeks to assist those in need by:

Providing wheelchairs, Medication costs, Physiotherapy, Housing assistance, Educational needs, Sanitation, Water filters, Transportation to medical facilities"


Our previous charity who we supported for several years was: The Foundation For Slum Child Care, where we were able to sponsor a child thanks to your thrift purchases :) 


Photo taken on our recent visit to sponsor a child (thanks to you guys ♥︎)
What we love about this charity is that it doesn't stop there, they work with families to solve the problems, offering long term solutions. They are empowering the community around them to care for their own children as a community.