Giving back

The Foundation For Slum Child Care

By buying our Vintage line, not only are you up-cycling existing fashion which lessens damage to the environment and clothes ending up in landfill, but you're also helping to sponsor one of the children at this foundation ♥︎
For every purchase that is made from our vintage collection, 20 baht / 55 pence  is donated to The Foundation For Slum Child Care which is based in the slums in the heart of Bangkok. A charity that offer child care to children who are born into poverty, most commonly to parents who are drug addicts or imprisoned. 


Photo taken on our recent visit to sponsor a child (thanks to you guys ♥︎)
What we love about this charity is that it doesn't stop there, they work with families to solve the problems, offering long term solutions. They are empowering the community around them to care for their own children as a community. 

10% of profits to help save sharks!

Our swimwear is made from two amazing different fabrics. One is made from regenerated Nylon from salvaged fishing nets and  pre and post consumer waste, and the other is made from recycled plastic bottles, for more information about out fabrics click here. We donate 10% of the profit from this collection to shark charities, in an effort to stop shark finning and protect these amazing creatures.

                                         Photo by Aaron Gekoski.