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Consultation / mentorship

Want to open your own brand? We have over 10 years of experience in swimwear, intimates, beachwear, accessories and classic clothing (for Men and Women), and are here to help you.

We are offering a mentorship programme which consists of 5 private 1 hour sessions (,can be in person or online) and can be done in as little as a week (intensive) or spread over a month .

Session 1: We brainstorm all the considerations on opening a business, from your brand name, the story behind your brand and the core design, to what kind of collection you want to make, colour palette, design details, target audience and price. How to produce ethically and responsibly, and whether you would like to focus on stocking in your own store/online or brick and mortar. whether you want to sell wholesale, consignment or retail.  We then touch on social media, design, concept, target.  

You have homework from this session, creating a mood board about your brand and writing a draught version of your brand story (I will help you with this).

Session 2: consolidate everything from the brainstorm and finalise the brand story, name, potential logo, concept , market and price point.

Session 3: cost the product and connect you with fabric suppliers/ organic dye houses/ screen printers / label makers (if in Bali), otherwise we can help you to source these wherever you are, let you know how to find the right distributors etc, and how to know that you are sourcing responsibly. We also discuss spec sheets here and ordering forms if applicable. 

Session 4: We discuss swing tags/ packaging and presentation. We go more into depth with the Instagram theme/ social media/ online shop/ WS / sale or return (consignment). Connect with you a great fashion/product photographer and discuss the shoot. 

Session 5: field trip to an appropriate fabric house  and appointment to meet the relevant tailor and start the process of a sample (if in Bali), we will follow up with an appointment with the tailor and you to review the sample....... it is then down to you. 

You will end up with the product in your hands and all the tools to start your business with a clear direction of where the business will be stocked and how to advertise. 

This programme costs 10mill Indonesian rupiah (approximately 700 US$)

We are currently fully booked for February and March for consultations / mentorships, to keep our service excellent we only take on one client at a time. 

You  can book ahead for April if you are interested. Shoot us a message if you want to start your new brand, we are here ready and waiting to help you ♥︎