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wholesale/production inquiries

If want to be an FFT Wild One and you're interested in selling Flipflop and Treacle swimwear online or stock our brand in your boutique and would like to buy wholesale then get in touch with us here ♥︎

We have several different bikini and swimsuit cuts to choose from and to buy wholesale we require a minimum order of 30 pieces.

Alternatively we can help you to design your own swimwear and brand it with your logo. If you want to order for your own brand we require a minimum order of 40 pieces, we require an order of 5 pieces per size/colour/design, which means (for example) that you can make 3 different designs or colour ways, in 3 sizes as your minimum order (or equivalent)..... which basically means that anyone can start up their own business.

Everything is handmade in Bali  by our friends. We use  regenerated fabrics,  from salvaged fishing nets and pre and post consumer waste. We also use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Get in touch to get started :)