To align with our values, we only ship locally within indonesia. We do free shipping for orders over 1 million rupiah

Sustainable fabrics

8 million tons of waste goes into our ocean every year! We can no longer produce clothing as we have done in the past. The fashion industry is hugely responsible for the rise of pollution in rivers from chemical dying to a dangerous level. Landfills are overflowing with fast fashion dispensable clothing, mostly made from synthetic fabrics that won't decompose for hundreds of years, if ever!

It is important that we address energy efficiency and waste, we only make swimwear using sustainable fabrics , and contribute 20,000 rupiah from every piece sold to saving sharks around the world.

Swimwear is normally made from Nylon and polyester (plastic based fabrics) as it is strong, stretches, is lightweight, holds up in Chlorine, dries quickly, but it is normally made from a non-renewable resource (oil) in an energy-intensive process.

We do not use any fabrics like that at Flipflop and Treacle, all of our swimwear fabrics are made from regenerated and recycled materials. One of the fabrics that we use is made with ECONYL® regenerated yarn from pre and post consumer nylon waste that has potential to be recycled infinitely. 

Our fabric off-cuts are saved and made into scrunchies, face masks and other smaller goods. Very small scraps are used for stuffing of toys and keychains. 

We use two three different fabrics for our swimwear line, some are made with ECONYL® regenerated Nylon,  REPREVE® fabrics and Eco Recycled Poly Elastane. 


ECONYL® yarn is a 100% regenerated Nylon fibre made by nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world.


REPREVE® fabric is fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.


Eco Recycled Poly Elastane has a global recycled standard award and is produced in Asia.

Other fabrics:
We only use organic or sustainable options for our intimates and other clothing.

Our cotton is 100% organic, we also use other more sustainable fabrics like Bamboo, Linen, hemp and Tencel. Tencel is made from the wood pulp of sustainable sourced trees.

We also use a recycled fabric called PABLE for our robes, bags and other clothing. This is made from textile waste, shredded and respun into a yarn with no dying process

By choice we use as much vintage fabric as we can get our hands on,  and up-cycle them into new items. We also have a curated thrift collection where we source little gems and alter them for you to purchase as one of pieces.

We dye our fabrics right here in Bali at Tarum , a dye house that plants it's own trees and uses the leaves to naturally dye fabrics. We are so so happy to support this amazing company. You can see a little more about their company here

Printed swim fabrics:
For our patterned swimwear fabrics we use the same recycled or sustainable fabrics and then digitally print them. It is a system that doesn't use any extra dye or waste, so currently the most eco friendly option available to us.


Our swing tags and sales tags are made from recycled card and our shopper bags are made from recycled cotton. We wrap our pieces in woven natural baskets that are made by local villagers in rural areas of Bali, supporting local economy and eco manufacturing. We do not use single use plastic in our company.