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CALLAKAII pendant - Namanka - silver
CALLAKAII pendant - Namanka - silver

CALLAKAII pendant - Namanka - silver

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Goddess of the waves - Hawaiian 

In Hawaiian mythology Namaka (the eyes of Kaha’i) appears as a sea goddess in the Pele Family. She rules over the cool majestic waves of the ocean. Her spirit lives within the water and the sacred creatures of the sea. Namaka’s sister Pele is the volcano goddess and gives birth to new rock formations and land with her hot lava and flaming spirit. Wear Namaka’s pendant for protection in the waves.

This piece is hand-made in Bali with recycled silver.

For every piece of jewellery we sell we donate 20,000 rupiah to 'A liquid Future', a non-profit organisation that educates and trains women in remote parts of Indonesia through surfing, surf tourism and creative education programmes to build resilient communities, protect marine ecosystems and address climate change and inequity.