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CALLAKAII pendant - Cliodha - silver
CALLAKAII pendant - Cliodha - silver

CALLAKAII pendant - Cliodha - silver

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Goddess of the sea, beauty and the afterlife - Ireland

Also known as the fairy woman of the hills and mythical queen of the Banshees. Cliodhna is the goddess of love and beauty. It is said that Cliodhna decided to leave her island ‘Tir Tairngire’ (the land of promise) to be with her mortal lover Ciabhan, but got taken by a wave. Some believe she is still alive in those waters, listening to music. The tide in Glandore Harbour in County Cork is known as Tonn Cliodhna “Cliodna’s wave”. Many believe that her protection keeps you safe in big waves.

This piece is hand-made in Bali with recycled 925 sterling silver.

Pendant size 14mm x 14mm.

20,000 rupiah from the sale of every piece of Jewellery is donated to an Indonesian non-profit organisations OUR OCEAN SCHOOL based in the Mentawis, that through targeted English language education, empowers local communities to access equal opportunities in an evolving tourism environment.

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