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GUEST BLOG with Louisa from Freedive Ibiza

Ibiza is a little island with a big reputation. I’m a freediving instructor and a professional safety freediver at international freediving competitions. When people hear that I live in Ibiza, I invariably get an: “oh wow!” It’s assumed that I must therefore be a hardened partier, which isn’t something that goes hand-in-hand with freediving! But like many places that are famous for one thing, there is far more to Ibiza than what it is best known for.

The lesser-known parts of Ibiza also form a large part of what makes it so special here: the secret beaches, the secluded coves, the wild nature, the unexplored spots that feel far, far away from bright lights and electronic music.


Ibiza is just becoming known as a freediving location. As a place to learn to freedive, its crystal clear waters and calm conditions make it ideal for beginners, and more advanced freedivers alike. There are numerous underwater caves and ‘swim-thrus’ around the island, which are magical – and often quite secret – places to freedive. These locations allow us to experience a side to Ibiza that few others know.


Learning to freedive doesn’t have to take up your whole holiday in Ibiza, and still leaves time for other explorations and activities. We offer a one-day introduction, which teaches you some breathing and relaxation techniques – which are the key to being able to hold your breath for longer than you expect! And we put these into practice in shallow and then deeper water.


For those who want to take things a little further, the beginner certification course takes two days. In this level we delve deeper into the reasons why our bodies adapt so well to holding our breath underwater – like the dolphins we occasionally see around the island – and we learn how the mind and the body are inextricably connected. We perform better with a calm mind, both underwater and in the rest of our lives! At this level, you practice holding your breath for longer and dive deeper, in the most comfortable, safe and relaxed way. For those who are already freedivers, we offer intermediate and advanced level training and personalized coaching, and excursions to Ibiza’s best underwater sites.




Both Gary and I – the instructors at Freedive Ibiza – love sharing the beautiful underwater world around this island. But we also really enjoy guiding people to do something they didn’t realize they were capable of. We learn a lot about ourselves when we try diverse activities that are not part of our daily lives and activities – or are outside our ‘comfort zones’. And for many the realization that they can do something they didn’t think was possible, and experience a world they didn’t know was there, gives a lasting sense of wonder and achievement.

Louisa xx


Check out a short video of Freedive Ibiza in action (which features Flipflop and Treacle bikinis! ) 

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photos by Gary McGrath