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Behind the scenes at our latest fashion show

Flipflop and Treacle and Aquamarine Ibiza team up to create a swimwear runway to die for!

Jessica Tarr (Flipflop and Treacle’s designer and founder) reports on the build up to the biggest yearly fashion festival in Ibiza.

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In this gorgeous Bali inspired luxury hotel and spa, nestled in the centre of Ibiza island, the energy is rising as everyone awaits the fashion show! We are setting up our combined pop up boutique of bikinis and Kaftans.

So lucky to have our gorgeous old friend Laura Farrier visiting from Dubai, helping us put our boutique together.

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Doors open at 7:30pm and the first bunch of fashionistas, tourists and island enthusiasts come pouring in.

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Our boutique is one of the 50 pop up stores scattered around the stunning grounds of Atzaro, featuring bespoke boutiques, jewellery craftsmen and clothing designers all from Ibiza.

The 10 piece band , red funky jackets set up on stage and bust out their soundcheck, and the BBQ with Ibizan Atzaro specialties wafts over the crowd. It’s time for the yearly fashion festival!

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This year seven different designers have been selected to walk the runway and we were lucky enough to be one of the seven, representing our  CLASSIC style and showing a sneak peak of next season’s collection!

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The other six designers had the most beautiful collections and are definitely worth checking out.  Aquamarine Ibiza who make the most luxurious silk kaftans, World Family who design a wonderful collection of handcrafted fashion, La Galeria Elefante with their eclectic collection of pieces from around the world, Belen Boheme with their ethereal dresses, Sacred Love child with their boho clothing and accessories from organic fabrics and Karma of Charme with their stunning handcrafted boots and sandals.

Aquamarine Ibiza and Flipflop and Treacle decided to team up for this event showcasing bikinis and kaftans in one show to create a swimwear runway to die for 🙂

Behind the scenes is more organised than chaos as the models don their beachwear and are pampered and preened to perfection

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…….and then before you know it…’s time!!!!

The Catwalk shot from backstage!

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What a great show…..with the combined talent of a huge hair and make-up team by Bellissima and Smack, who made the impossible happen. From the choreography to the dressers to security, the hand picked team were put together by a couple of highly professional individuals Rachel Parsons and Monica Moreno. Every aspect of the event was co-ordinated and executed to the highest of standards.

Here’s some more backstage shots……..stay tuned for our full video and photos of the event which we’ll get to you as soon as we have them!

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Our summer 2017 collection will launch at the beginning of next year……