♥︎ Sponsoring children from Bangkok slums ♥︎

Since we started our vintage line in our Koh Tao store (a collection of pre-loved clothing)  it has been our most popular seller BY FAR, kudos to you all, our customers who are supporting the concept of reusing, recycling and being less wasteful, this incredible support makes us want to give back more too.

We have been looking for somewhere to donate to from our vintage sales and in our most recent trip to Bangkok we found just that place The foundation for slum child care. 


As we drove into the slums of Bangkok and I looked through the taxi window I was already preparing myself for a massive reality check and a whole lot of heart ache, but also hope. These foundations are doing incredible things, and I’m a strong believer that opening our eyes to problems and seeing the reality = change. Everything you do counts......no matter how big or small.

The Foundation was founded on June 22, 1981 by Mrs Prateep Ungsongtham Hata in the Klongtoey community, they now have 4 daycare centers offering shelter to over 3000 children between the age of 3 months and 5 years. These children are born into poverty, most commonly to parents who are drug addicts or imprisoned.
What I love about this charity is that it doesn’t stop there, they work with families to solve the problems, making a long term solution, they are empowering the community around them to care for their own children as a community.
This is done in several different ways:

• They offer consultation , courses, workshops and family camps for mums to be , parents and guardians, developing and restructuring their attitude towards proper child care
• they have established a network of child protection volunteers raising awareness of child abuse in communities.
• They train over 600 caregivers each year to infiltrate slums over different provinces improving the quality of life of over 20,000 children.

I decided to bring my 4 year old daughter, Jasmine (aka little miss wild), with me, for 4 reasons.....

1) because I want her to experience these things with me and understand how lucky and privileged we are.

2) because she is SOOO good at cuddles and today’s trip was about giving loads of them to the children we met.

3) because seeing children that have suffered is just one of the most horrific things, but having to stay strong for your child, and see how amazing these children are gives you a whole new more positive perspective, and I feel like that is what this charity is about.

4)finally......I genuinely had no choice, it was me and Jas in Bangkok alone 😂.

It was a truly wonderful visit ♥︎.  The children are separated into 3 age groups, they have loads of donated toys and books, they’re definitely not short of activities and staff to entertain them. All the food is cooked fresh, and they pride themselves on delivering healthy food to the children. The building itself is clean and safe. We spent most of our time in the baby area (as jasmine is obsessed with babies, I had little choice), the kids were just amazing, as you can imagine.

If you’re in Bangkok, I thoroughly recommend a visit, you can make a donation when you’re there (although there is absolutely no pressure to do so), alternatively you can donate food or nappies / toys, whatever they don’t use they sell in their shop where all profits go back into the foundation. If you’d like to read more about the project at www.fscc.or.th or email then directly at info@fscc.or.th they are also on Facebook as fsccchildcare

This charity is 100% genuine and is supported by and under patronage of HRH princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra since 1983 🖤

Our pledge:
For every vintage piece of clothing bought at Flipflop and Treacle we will be donating 20baht / 55pence to this wonderful charity. This money will help to sponsor children where the finances are not available and to help educate impoverished communities how to look after their children and keep them healthy ♥︎