ethical production

We do as much as we possibly can to produce ethically, benefitting communities and minimising the impact we have on the environment. We try to be as transparent a company as possible, and are always seeking ways to improve, so if you have any suggestions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to shoot us a message in the conatact us section.

Our regenerated nylon fabric: It is important that we address energy efficiency and waste, we have made further steps to doing this by using renewable fabric for our new line DECO (as well as contributing 20% of profits from this to save the sharks around the world). To make this regenerated nylon existing waste (fishing nets and plastic water bottles) are physically sought and removed from the ocean. There are 640,000 tons of fishing nets that float around the open seas (called ghost nets), causing the capture and needless death to marine mammals such as whales, turtles and birds. The company that we use to source regenerated nylon from also sponsor and hold programmes to raise awareness in fishing villages and communities about ghost nets and the damages that they cause.

Our effect on global warming: By using this regenerated fabric we reduce waste in it’s production….for every 10,000 Tons of of this fabric produced 70,000 barrels of crude oil and 57,000 tonnes of CO2 eq. emission are avoided. It reduces global warming impact of Nylon by up to 80% compared to material from oil.

Our responsibility to protect animal rights: Firstly we do not use any leather or fur in the production of our collections. We also support charities that protect the reef and save sharks by petitioning, researching by tagging and monitoring behaviours and educating.


Our manufacturing: We do not outsource any of our work to cheap/fast fashion destinations. We manufacture locally (in country) with a small, sustainably run family business. Employees are paid above average wage and are artisans and budding professionals in their trade. We defend fair wages and working conditions inn EVERY area of our business, from fabric production to selling the final piece by our sales staff in our boutiques. Our shop staff for our Koh Tao boutique are super friendly and happy to help…… sure to say hi if you come visit us in Koh Tao:

Our packaging: we use recycled organic cotton bags.

Taking up cycling one step further: In our brick and mortar boutiques we now have FFT VINTAGE in an attempt to combat fast fashion. We salvage and revamp pre-loved clothing to our FFT style, each piece is original.