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FFT Wild Ones – Johanna Davies-smith

We met Jo near the end of her stay in Koh Tao…..sadly…..but managed to get her and gorgeous body into one of our fashion shows and she did a shoot with us for our collection which was launching. She’s one of those people who is on first appearance just drop dead gorgeous, she had the kind of beauty that too often comes hand in hand with arrogance or very little personality, but Jo is not like that at all! She is stunning, hilarious and a really down to earth, lovely person. S happy to have her as one of our FFT Wild ones….here are her thoughts on life, love and all that comes with it!


Johanna Davies-Smith

Current job:

How did you get into that field:
As a child I wanted to be a teacher but after years of putting it off and doing a gap year, 3 years of Uni, 3 ski seasons and a stint in Events Management I realized that I was made to teach, so went back to Uni to do a PGCE.

Where were you born:
In Southampton in the UK.

Where do you call home:
Gloucestershire now, I have moved around a lot.

Where do you live now:
A small village called Cranham in Gloucestershire.


What’s the best thing about where you live now:
We live by a common and my house backs onto a 247 acre wood, so it is perfect for walking my dogs and there is a really young community. (Also the village pub is also only 60 steps away)

Favourite sport:
Show Jumping



Sport you’d love to try:
Ice Hockey

How do you keep your body board-short buff or bikini trim:
I walk the dogs every day, horse ride when I can and do a lot of swimming.img_0783



Can’t live with:

Can’t live without:
My friends

Best place in the world:

Maldives – We went this summer and it was incredible.


Where’s the next holiday:
In two weeks I am going to Rock for the weekend with my sister and her family, then headed to Marseille the following weekend with friends.

Biggest disappointment:
Failed IVF

My husband who is a total legend.



What would your last supper be:
Wagyu Steak and chips – Had the most amazing Wagyu in ‘The Shack’ in Koh Samui and have never tasted better.

Words of wisdom:
Don’t ever leave it too late. If you have a dream, chase it.


Jo pictured here modelling at one of our Flipflop and Treacle fashion shows.