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FFT Wild Ones – Franzi

We met FFT wild one stunner Franzi in Koh Tao Thailand, she is one of the sweetest, kind hearted girls around, she also happens to be gorgeous! Here’s her FFT Wild One wisdom and opinions about love, laughter, penguins and cake!



Current job:
Property Manager for different villas on Koh Tao but of course, my favourite one is the one that I run together with my boyfriend Alex, our very own project called Horizon (


How did you get into that field:
It basically just happened when I moved to Thailand and got to know more people on the island while working at a beach bar. I met my future boss, worked in his resort for a few years and then decided to do my own thing.

Where were you born:
In Annaberg-Buchholz, small city in Saxony in Germany

Where do you call home:
Home for me can be any place where I feel comfortable, am surrounded by loving and caring people that are on my wavelength and a place that reflects a good vibe for me.

Where do you live now:
On beautiful Koh Tao, Thailand.

What’s the best thing about where you live now:
Summer all year round! I love waking up with ocean and jungle views in the sunshine. And even the thunderstorms we have here rarely, are magical to me. And of course, that I never have to wear anything else than summer clothes and flip-flops. That basically means freedom to me!

Favourite sport:
Not really a sport, more of a mind set, but I love doing yoga – mostly a dynamic Vinyasa flow. Other than that I grew up with skiing as my hometown is in the mountains and since living on Koh Tao, of course, scuba diving.


Sport you’d love to try:
Does this count as a sport? My reply is Jetlev! I’d love to fly on one of those boards.

How do you keep your body board-short buff or bikini trim:
To be honest, mother nature was good to me – I rarely do any sports on a regular basis. I am absolutely not a gym person! I am very active though and love being outdoors, go on hikes or swim in the ocean.


Can’t live with:
Negativity, unfairness and greed.

Can’t live without:
Nature, music & love! And the people I love and call my friends.…and as a German: being organized 😉

Best place in the world:
Easy….home! The place where we can just be…

Where’s the next holiday:
It actually is a surprise holiday I got as present from my amazing boyfriend for our 5th anniversary – so I have no clue, haha. I will know more in a few weeks time when we’ll be sitting on the plane 😉


Biggest disappointment:
The human behaviour in general – we destroy the planet we live on, knowing what we are doing and still it all is only about the bloody money!!

Laughter, smell of rain, watermelon, penguins, sunshine, beach, thunderstorms, chewing gum, snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa (not so much on a tropical island tho), fresh air, cake, head massages, there are sooo many and too many things really!


What would your last supper be:
Ohhh, it would possibly be a ten course meal 😉 Since I have to choose one, I’d say risotto. Or pasta? Mum’s sour-marinated beef with homemade cabbage and potato dumplings? I’d probably make a big mess of mixing just all my favourite things to eat.

Words of wisdom:
Always try to be the best version of yourself! Meaning, always treat people how you would like to be treated and a little more than that, basically just do good for others and yourself. Material things won’t get you anywhere but the freedom you can reach with your own thoughts will. Free yourself from anything that does not make you happy. Life is all about not getting stuck where you are, with the negative thoughts you have, but about personal growth.