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FFT Wild Ones – Johanna Davies-smith

We met Jo near the end of her stay in Koh Tao…..sadly…..but managed to get her and gorgeous body into one of our fashion shows and she did a shoot with us for our collection which was launching. She’s one of those people who is on first appearance just drop dead gorgeous, she had the kind of beauty that too often comes hand in hand with arrogance or very little personality, but Jo is not like that at all! She is stunning, hilarious and a really down to earth, lovely person. S happy to have her as one of our FFT Wild ones….here are her thoughts on life, love and all that comes with it!


Johanna Davies-Smith

Current job:

How did you get into that field:
As a child I wanted to be a teacher but after years of putting it off and doing a gap year, 3 years of Uni, 3 ski seasons and a stint in Events Management I realized that I was made to teach, so went back to Uni to do a PGCE.

Where were you born:
In Southampton in the UK.

Where do you call home:
Gloucestershire now, I have moved around a lot.

Where do you live now:
A small village called Cranham in Gloucestershire.


What’s the best thing about where you live now:
We live by a common and my house backs onto a 247 acre wood, so it is perfect for walking my dogs and there is a really young community. (Also the village pub is also only 60 steps away)

Favourite sport:
Show Jumping



Sport you’d love to try:
Ice Hockey

How do you keep your body board-short buff or bikini trim:
I walk the dogs every day, horse ride when I can and do a lot of swimming.img_0783



Can’t live with:

Can’t live without:
My friends

Best place in the world:

Maldives – We went this summer and it was incredible.


Where’s the next holiday:
In two weeks I am going to Rock for the weekend with my sister and her family, then headed to Marseille the following weekend with friends.

Biggest disappointment:
Failed IVF

My husband who is a total legend.



What would your last supper be:
Wagyu Steak and chips – Had the most amazing Wagyu in ‘The Shack’ in Koh Samui and have never tasted better.

Words of wisdom:
Don’t ever leave it too late. If you have a dream, chase it.


Jo pictured here modelling at one of our Flipflop and Treacle fashion shows.


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The ultimate stocking fillers

The ultimate stocking fillers:

stocking fillers
So of course a bikini is always a safe bet for christmas, what girl doesn’t love a new bikini??? But we thought we’d help put a little collection together of what WE’D love to find in our stocking on that awesome day of merriment! So here we go bringing you the ultimate stocking fillers…..


The bikini is our very own white sequin triangle set….who doesn’t like to sparkle and shine and xmas?? Get this spandiglitastic set for £50 or as separates the white sequin top for £26  and the white sequin bottoms for £24. What we love about this cut is that both pieces are completely adjustable….if you over-indulge a little at xmas, no worries this bikini will move with you!

Christmas is just not complete without something from the body shop…..we love that they care so much about anti-vivisection and have pioneered the movement against animal cruelty and saving the environment in so any ways. This fruity watermelon lip balm with have you beach ready (or reminding you of beautiful tropical days in the sun relaxing), either way it’s a steal at £2! Born lippy watermelon lipbalm

We just LOVE a scented candle, and what girl doesn’t???? This beautiful white a gold candle is scented with the freshest of smells, cotton flower! At 7.99 euros from Hennes!

Slippers, if you can’t wear slippers at xmas when can you. Loving these fake fur ones from Lindex, simple, and they look SO SO cozy….we’re a sucker for a cosy pair of slippers to mooch around in and these look perfect for all climates, from Lindex at 16.95 euros.

A good mug is priceless and we all have our favourites, this is such a chic design, we’re picturing it filled to the brim with hot cacao with a few marshmallows pilled on the top, melting over the sides! YUMMMM pick this one up from Hennes for 7.99 euros. Cup with metallic motif

And last but not least, you can’t beat a fab pair of lace pants, these brazilian cut lace boy short pants are 9.95 euros and are in our favourite colours! Find these also at Lindex.

Just click on the bold text to link you straight to the product……happy shopping 🙂

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GUEST BLOG with Louisa from Freedive Ibiza

Ibiza is a little island with a big reputation. I’m a freediving instructor and a professional safety freediver at international freediving competitions. When people hear that I live in Ibiza, I invariably get an: “oh wow!” It’s assumed that I must therefore be a hardened partier, which isn’t something that goes hand-in-hand with freediving! But like many places that are famous for one thing, there is far more to Ibiza than what it is best known for.

The lesser-known parts of Ibiza also form a large part of what makes it so special here: the secret beaches, the secluded coves, the wild nature, the unexplored spots that feel far, far away from bright lights and electronic music.


Ibiza is just becoming known as a freediving location. As a place to learn to freedive, its crystal clear waters and calm conditions make it ideal for beginners, and more advanced freedivers alike. There are numerous underwater caves and ‘swim-thrus’ around the island, which are magical – and often quite secret – places to freedive. These locations allow us to experience a side to Ibiza that few others know.


Learning to freedive doesn’t have to take up your whole holiday in Ibiza, and still leaves time for other explorations and activities. We offer a one-day introduction, which teaches you some breathing and relaxation techniques – which are the key to being able to hold your breath for longer than you expect! And we put these into practice in shallow and then deeper water.


For those who want to take things a little further, the beginner certification course takes two days. In this level we delve deeper into the reasons why our bodies adapt so well to holding our breath underwater – like the dolphins we occasionally see around the island – and we learn how the mind and the body are inextricably connected. We perform better with a calm mind, both underwater and in the rest of our lives! At this level, you practice holding your breath for longer and dive deeper, in the most comfortable, safe and relaxed way. For those who are already freedivers, we offer intermediate and advanced level training and personalized coaching, and excursions to Ibiza’s best underwater sites.




Both Gary and I – the instructors at Freedive Ibiza – love sharing the beautiful underwater world around this island. But we also really enjoy guiding people to do something they didn’t realize they were capable of. We learn a lot about ourselves when we try diverse activities that are not part of our daily lives and activities – or are outside our ‘comfort zones’. And for many the realization that they can do something they didn’t think was possible, and experience a world they didn’t know was there, gives a lasting sense of wonder and achievement.

Louisa xx


Check out a short video of Freedive Ibiza in action (which features Flipflop and Treacle bikinis! ) 

For more info check out their website:

Facebook: Freedive Ibiza

Instagram: Freedive Ibiza


photos by Gary McGrath

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FFT Wild Ones – Sunanta Oil

What to say about this absolute stunner! I have had the pleasure to work with pioil for many many years. She is driven, sassy, drop dead gorgeous and is just a genuinely beautiful person who brings a little extra light into people’s lives. A smile goes a long way and this chick has plenty for everyone.

She absolutely rocks Flipflop and Treacle and we’re so excited that she agreed to be one of our FFT Wild Ones….here’s her story


Sunanta Oil

Current job:
A general manager of The coffee house by Ban’s diving resort

How did you get into that field:
Moved from the restaurant job to café

Where were you born:
Nakhon Si Thammarat , Thailand

Where do you call home:
Nakhon Si Thammarat and Koh Tao

Where do you live now:
Koh Tao , Thailand


What’s the best thing about where you live now:
When you come here it’s hard to leave … There’s something unique about life on a small island

Favourite sport:
Hmm.. Running lol

Sport you’d love to try:

How do you keep your body board-short buff or bikini trim:
actually i love to eat without counting calories so the way to enjoy eating I’m going to the gym as much as i can


Can’t live with:
Freezing weather

Can’t live without:
Family, Friends , Money Lol

Best place in the world:
Hmm.. Home

Where’s the next holiday:


( Sunanta Oil’s holiday packing shot 🙂

Biggest disappointment:
Myself .. the way when I always thinking too much

Family, friend, foods ,drinks ,activity etc.


What would your last supper be:
Thai cuisine called “Kanom jeen” is soft and thin noodles made from fermented rice. The way to eat Kanom jeen is to top it with a variety of curries and a lot of fresh of veggies Om nom nom

Words of wisdom:
If you don’t have big dreams & goals, you’ll end up working for someone who does.






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FFT Wild Ones – Franzi

We met FFT wild one stunner Franzi in Koh Tao Thailand, she is one of the sweetest, kind hearted girls around, she also happens to be gorgeous! Here’s her FFT Wild One wisdom and opinions about love, laughter, penguins and cake!



Current job:
Property Manager for different villas on Koh Tao but of course, my favourite one is the one that I run together with my boyfriend Alex, our very own project called Horizon (


How did you get into that field:
It basically just happened when I moved to Thailand and got to know more people on the island while working at a beach bar. I met my future boss, worked in his resort for a few years and then decided to do my own thing.

Where were you born:
In Annaberg-Buchholz, small city in Saxony in Germany

Where do you call home:
Home for me can be any place where I feel comfortable, am surrounded by loving and caring people that are on my wavelength and a place that reflects a good vibe for me.

Where do you live now:
On beautiful Koh Tao, Thailand.

What’s the best thing about where you live now:
Summer all year round! I love waking up with ocean and jungle views in the sunshine. And even the thunderstorms we have here rarely, are magical to me. And of course, that I never have to wear anything else than summer clothes and flip-flops. That basically means freedom to me!

Favourite sport:
Not really a sport, more of a mind set, but I love doing yoga – mostly a dynamic Vinyasa flow. Other than that I grew up with skiing as my hometown is in the mountains and since living on Koh Tao, of course, scuba diving.


Sport you’d love to try:
Does this count as a sport? My reply is Jetlev! I’d love to fly on one of those boards.

How do you keep your body board-short buff or bikini trim:
To be honest, mother nature was good to me – I rarely do any sports on a regular basis. I am absolutely not a gym person! I am very active though and love being outdoors, go on hikes or swim in the ocean.


Can’t live with:
Negativity, unfairness and greed.

Can’t live without:
Nature, music & love! And the people I love and call my friends.…and as a German: being organized 😉

Best place in the world:
Easy….home! The place where we can just be…

Where’s the next holiday:
It actually is a surprise holiday I got as present from my amazing boyfriend for our 5th anniversary – so I have no clue, haha. I will know more in a few weeks time when we’ll be sitting on the plane 😉


Biggest disappointment:
The human behaviour in general – we destroy the planet we live on, knowing what we are doing and still it all is only about the bloody money!!

Laughter, smell of rain, watermelon, penguins, sunshine, beach, thunderstorms, chewing gum, snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa (not so much on a tropical island tho), fresh air, cake, head massages, there are sooo many and too many things really!


What would your last supper be:
Ohhh, it would possibly be a ten course meal 😉 Since I have to choose one, I’d say risotto. Or pasta? Mum’s sour-marinated beef with homemade cabbage and potato dumplings? I’d probably make a big mess of mixing just all my favourite things to eat.

Words of wisdom:
Always try to be the best version of yourself! Meaning, always treat people how you would like to be treated and a little more than that, basically just do good for others and yourself. Material things won’t get you anywhere but the freedom you can reach with your own thoughts will. Free yourself from anything that does not make you happy. Life is all about not getting stuck where you are, with the negative thoughts you have, but about personal growth.



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FFT Wild Ones – Brad Allen

We met this amazing guy on our travels to Greece when we were setting up one of our capsule stores. He is an incredible DJ, a great beach volleyball team mate, and just a good all round guy! Here’s his answers to our FFT Wild Ones questions….


Brad Allen


Current job:
Recruitment Coordinator for a multinational hospitality company

How did you get into that field:
Kind of fell into it!!

Where were you born:

Where do you call home:

Where do you live now:
Melbourne….(for now)

What’s the best thing about where you live now:
Melbourne hasn’t been voted the most liveable city in the world by chance! There are so many different experiences that can be had here. From getting lost in the CBD laneways, lazying away a Sunday on our beaches, to world class sporting events, festivals, restaurants  and bars. There is always something fun going on!

Favourite sport:
Australian Rules football. Is DJing classed as a sport in some countries??? Haha



Sport you’d love to try:

How do you keep your body board-short buff:
Playing Australian football in the winter and beach volleyball along Port Melbourne beach in the summer!

Can’t live with:

Can’t live without:
My bicycle.

Best place in the world:
Ios – Greece


Where’s the next holiday:

Biggest disappointment:
Finding cucumber in a salad sandwich..

Ginger beer

What would your last supper be:
A seafood buffet!

Words of wisdom:
You only live once, but if you live well, once is enough.

Brad also modelled a few fashion shows with Flipflop and Treacle, and was out face of our men’s collection one year! Here he is in Flipflop and Treacle’s collection Wildhearts.




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Behind the scenes at our latest fashion show

Flipflop and Treacle and Aquamarine Ibiza team up to create a swimwear runway to die for!

Jessica Tarr (Flipflop and Treacle’s designer and founder) reports on the build up to the biggest yearly fashion festival in Ibiza.

FullSizeRender 19


In this gorgeous Bali inspired luxury hotel and spa, nestled in the centre of Ibiza island, the energy is rising as everyone awaits the fashion show! We are setting up our combined pop up boutique of bikinis and Kaftans.

So lucky to have our gorgeous old friend Laura Farrier visiting from Dubai, helping us put our boutique together.

FullSizeRender 16

Doors open at 7:30pm and the first bunch of fashionistas, tourists and island enthusiasts come pouring in.

FullSizeRender 12

Our boutique is one of the 50 pop up stores scattered around the stunning grounds of Atzaro, featuring bespoke boutiques, jewellery craftsmen and clothing designers all from Ibiza.

The 10 piece band , red funky jackets set up on stage and bust out their soundcheck, and the BBQ with Ibizan Atzaro specialties wafts over the crowd. It’s time for the yearly fashion festival!

FullSizeRender 18

This year seven different designers have been selected to walk the runway and we were lucky enough to be one of the seven, representing our  CLASSIC style and showing a sneak peak of next season’s collection!

FullSizeRender 14

The other six designers had the most beautiful collections and are definitely worth checking out.  Aquamarine Ibiza who make the most luxurious silk kaftans, World Family who design a wonderful collection of handcrafted fashion, La Galeria Elefante with their eclectic collection of pieces from around the world, Belen Boheme with their ethereal dresses, Sacred Love child with their boho clothing and accessories from organic fabrics and Karma of Charme with their stunning handcrafted boots and sandals.

Aquamarine Ibiza and Flipflop and Treacle decided to team up for this event showcasing bikinis and kaftans in one show to create a swimwear runway to die for 🙂

Behind the scenes is more organised than chaos as the models don their beachwear and are pampered and preened to perfection

FullSizeRender 7


FullSizeRender 11

…….and then before you know it…’s time!!!!

The Catwalk shot from backstage!

FullSizeRender 9

What a great show…..with the combined talent of a huge hair and make-up team by Bellissima and Smack, who made the impossible happen. From the choreography to the dressers to security, the hand picked team were put together by a couple of highly professional individuals Rachel Parsons and Monica Moreno. Every aspect of the event was co-ordinated and executed to the highest of standards.

Here’s some more backstage shots……..stay tuned for our full video and photos of the event which we’ll get to you as soon as we have them!

FullSizeRender 17

FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 6


Our summer 2017 collection will launch at the beginning of next year……

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FFT Wild Ones – Lola Stammberger

We met this beautiful young lady many years ago on Koh Tao, she did an amazing photo shoot with us and featured in one of our fashion shows. Now she is enjoying life as a filmmaker in Cornwall, England……read about her loves, life and dreamy ways…….


Lola Stammberger

Current job?

How did you get into that field?
My love for film and passion for filmmaking made want to be involved in the film world.


Where were you born?
In the UK

Where do you call home?
At the moment Cornwall.

Where do you live now?
In beautiful Cornwall.

What’s the best thing about where you live now?
I can make films, surf, dance, go for freezing cold sea swims and appreciate the beautiful elements of nature that Cornwall is made of.

Favourite sport?
Surfing, Ballet, sea swimming, skating, dancing and yoga.

Sport you’d love to try?
Snowboarding, Free climbing.

How do you keep your body board-short buff or bikini trim?
Skating, yoga, cycling.

Can’t live with?
Cats, Rats,

Can’t live without?
Water, food and sleep but also dancing and expressing myself through magical dreams, such as believing that mermaids are real. My best friends, family and the sea! xxx

Best place in the world?
Magical island where one can live freely, with coconuts and palm trees and the sea.

Where’s the next holiday?
Berlin? Barcelona?

Biggest disappointment?
When I was 10 my dad didn’t make my hair perfect enough for my Ballet performance and the hairband fell out (more embarrassing than disappointing)

Love for the sea, nature, yummy food, and traveling, dancing, living life in the now.

What would your last supper be?
Pancakes with blueberries and golden syrup, or delicious tapas.

Words of wisdom?
The meaning of life should not be to become successful and famous, but to become MORE you, MORE yourself, that is the goal of life. (A friend told me so)

Following pictures are from our shoot in Koh Tao, Thailand……enjoy x






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FFT Wild Ones – Elisa

So we met this gorgeous Wild One when recruiting models for our fashion show in Thailand. She’s a wonderful mix of Africa, South America and Europe, owns her own business and is a stockist of Flipflop and Treacle…..what’s not to love! Here’s her story….

elisa 2       Elisa wears Flipflop and Treacle black spirit top and brazilian bottoms

Name: Elisa (Maria) Hassoun Romero

Current job: Owner/dive instructor of ‘Pimp My Dive’ dive school  in Koh Tao

How did you get into that field:
Came to KT , discovered scuba diving, fell in love with my current boyfriend who was my dive instructor (classic) , came back to Belgium , earnt some money and did all my professional training when I came back 6 months later. I  freelanced as instructor for 2 years but I wasn’t completely satisfied so my boyfriend and I decided to open our own dive school  #pimpmydive

elisa 3       Elisa wears Flipflop and Treacle zip bandeau

Where were you born: Belgium, Brussels

Where do you call home: Pretty hard question. I’m use to saying I m a child of the world… I’m from Belgium, but I’m Colombian and Egyptian as all my mom’s family are from South America, Colombia, and all my dad’s family are from North Africa , Egypt, and my bro and I were born in Belgium, with a French passport, and I’m living in Thailand now.

Where do you live now: Koh Tao, Thailand

What’s the best thing about where you live now: The way you see the life and obviously the weather

Favourite sport: Wow that’s hard, living I would say 😉 ?

Sport you’d love to try: Wakeboard/surf

How do you keep your body board-short buff or bikini trim: By laughing all the time! But I also like to do Flying trapeze and scuba diving as well a lot 😉

Can’t live with: Injustice drives me mad and ignorance from most human beings that results in the cruelty against animals. As well I don’t accept to be unfaithfull to yourself or to your relations ( friends / love / partners) in life .

Can’t live without: A Horizon and a smile

Best place in the world: Colombia

Where’s the next holiday: Indonesia, Papua, Micronesia, Australia, Colombia ..

Biggest disappointment: Human beings

Love: I love feeling useful, and being active, travelling and meeting people as active in their minds and body.

elisa1      Elisa wears Flipflop and Treacle zip bandeau and classic briefs

I LOVE my family, especially my father and mom, they are absolutely amazing , it’s like they know EVERYTHING . They’ve been traveling all their life. My Dad speaks more than 8 languages, I still admire them a lot. Did I forgot to say how much I LOVE to learn new stuff ? 😉

What would your last supper be: well , my favourite food is basically what i am . Egyptian and colombian. Egyptian’s national food (actually it’s for the poor people hahah ) it ‘s called FOUL, and “Arepitas con queso” is as well one of the most traditional breakfast you could have in colombia.

Words of wisdom:
BE GRATefull for what you have in life and live for yourself , don’t feel guilty !
Life is short and the world is big #onelove