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Flipflop and Treacle, designing for a surf chic lifestyle and a necessity for truly classic, well-fitting swimwear.

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where we started
Born in the tropics.
It all began with an obsession for bikinis.
Designing for people who live and work in their swimwear.
We wanted to create swimwear as essential and loved as your favourite pair of  jeans or that classic T-shirt!
We started by going back to basics, designing that perfect little black bikini, simplicity at it’s best!

who we design for-
water sports addicts  / travellers  / fashionistas / the fitness world
We now design bespoke collections for some of the world’s leading water sports companies and stock in bespoke boutiques over the globe.
We are designing for a generation who demand quality products, sustainable sourcing and ethical employment.

who we are-
our swimwear makes you feel confident and comfortable and feels like a second skin.
The bikini or boardies that you can splash around in the surf in  and be sure that everything will stay in place.
It’s the bikini you always look awesome in, the one you reach for every summer, take travelling with you, it’s one of your essentials!

our cuts-
Minimalistic chic.
Our focus is on perfectly cut great basics, classic swimwear with a tailored feel and fitness edge.
over the last 8 years we have perfected and perfected our designs, changing details by the millimetre to achieve what you see today.

our colours-
black / white / colours we design & patterns we love.

our quality-
Our designs have been tested for stretch, hold, comfort and support.
We produce our bikinis using imported soft nylon / spandex.
our boardies are constructed in a variety of durable, quick drying microfibres.

our inspiration-
tropical living
clean lines of iconic fashion
exploring / travelling / freedom
fitness & watersports
scandinavian simplicity
“It’s most important to look your best when you are wearing the least”

why are we different?-
we have a small production of only 50 pieces per design.
Our bikinis are sold in separates so you can mix and sizes. We design for real women, we know that some women have large busts and tiny underbusts and vice versa, that is why all of our designs are sized by cup size and all of the straps and fastenings are completely adjustable!
All our boardies all have multi-utility pockets.
all our pieces are handmade.

A Flipflop and Treacle girl is effortless, strong, real and knows what she wants!
Designed on a small tropical island in .

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